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Solar Water Heater
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Solar Water Heater
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Solar Water Heater
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  • ​BOILING water at zero cost!
  • ​NO electricity required!
  • ​Can be used anywhere there is sunlight
  • ​​​Lightweight (only 1,2 kg)
  • ​​Unlimited source of free energy!
  • ​Make unknown water sources safe to drink!
  • ​Holds up to 17oz of water!
Users have reported this Solar Water Heater to be "a life saver", and wouldn’t go anywhere without it. Lightweight but very durable; compact but great handling for a lot of needs; this is Preppers Peak best value.     
  •  Can be used anywhere there is sunlight. The Solar Water Heater can heat water in as little as 30 minutes and will work anywhere the sun shines! 
  • ​Eco-Friendly: NO electricity required! Cook your meals, sterilise water or melt snow without any battery or gas!
  • ​Free energy: No more reliance on gas stoves and no more heavy and expensive gas canisters. No dangerous flames. Just an unlimited source of free energy! 
  • Easy and clean: You don’t need to go through the work of gathering dry wood and trying to get a fire started when you have the Solar Water Heater. Imagine boiling water with no flame, no smoke, no noise. All you need is some sunshine!
  • ​​High Capacity: The Solar Water Heater holds up to 17oz of water.
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